ProInsights is a revolutionary app that transforms your LinkedIn profile into brilliant infographics and helps you unlock fascinating insights about yourself and your network.

Love LinkedIn but find your profile a tad dull and unexciting? Ever stopped and wondered if there could be useful nuggets of information hiding beneath all those numbers and text? What if, you could magically transform your LinkedIn profile into a colorful designer-like portfolio and dig up a treasure trove of eye-opening insights in the process? Sparks your curiosity? Then say hello to "ProInsights" where LinkedIn meets Infographics!

So, what is ProInsights?

ProInsights is a powerful application that "reads between the lines" of your LinkedIn profile, churns out meaningful insights and presents them through stunning visuals. It radically transforms your plain LinkedIn data into beautiful infographics, which helps you absorb the essence of your data in just one quick glance. ProInsights thus helps unlock intriguing insights about yourself and your network that you had never really known before.

What does it do?

ProInsights creates a host of thought-provoking insights, few of them being: the top countries and companies that your connections work in, a graphical timeline of your career and your "LinkedIn Quotient" which is essentially a weightage given to your LinkedIn profile based on your influence and reach. So now, you get to see where you stand in the LinkedIn universe and even share these insights on your Social Networks!

Connection Explorer

The crux of ProInsights is the Connection Explorer feature, which displays your connections in four convenient and interactive views and is an absolute visual delight.

  • card deck

    Card Deck

    Has the look and feel of a rolodex. Flip through a business-card view of your connections in three jaw-dropping modes.

  • mosaic


    Take a trip down memory lane and leaf through a photo-album of your connections.

  • bird eye

    Bird Eye

    Get a bird's eye view on your connections plotted geographically on a map. You might just discover that you have a contact in Uganda you had added ages back!

  • spring graph

    Spring Graph

    Gives you a closer look at your Inner Circle. View your contacts in node clusters that link to you by the number of connections that they have. Move your connections around in this highly interactive spring-like view!



Trying to find contacts of yours from the Food Industry? Or a marketing expert maybe? Just type in a keyword on ProInsights' very own search engine- IntelliSearch- and find the people you are looking for! True to its name, IntelliSearch does an intensive search on your connections and thus helps you zero in on the most relevant connections.

Need we say more? Break the monotony with ProInsights! Add some zing to your LinkedIn profile by giving it a makeover! Bask in your glory and flaunt your insights to the rest of the world! See your connections in a whole new light and rediscover and reconnect with the ones you almost forgot you had.